Our mini webinar series is designed to equip participants who have to adjust to new working environments for the foreseeable future as a result of the COVID 19.


These short and impactful talk, delivered live virtually via online will give you the much needed boost and morale to break the monotony of working from home and lockdown life.

Facilitators and instructors are experienced practitioners and industry subject matter experts with engaging personalities, with a proven track record of supporting organisations, global leaders, executives and business owners in Singapore, China and Saudi.





  • Sustainability In a Nutshell: an overview to get you started

  • Risk and opportunities: guide on how to perform your own analysis on your business

  • Introduction to Sustainability Reporting 

  • Sustainability Leadership: what it means and how it differs from traditional leadership models

  • Change agents: what it takes to be one

  • Reputation Management: how to avoid green washing



  • Brand Strategy: steps by step approach towards creating your own Brand

  • Brand Naming: workshop on how to find that ideal name

  • Brand Discover: a look at the SWOT of your brand and what steps to take

  • Brand Identity: principles of designing your logo and visual identity

  • Brand Manager Training: how to lead your brand to greater success. 

  • Personal Branding: how to create your own brand



  • Effective 21st Century People Skills & Behavioral Mastery

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Expanding & Mastering Personal/Team Emotional Intelligence 

  • Developing Strategic Thinking Patterns

  • Improving Mind Health & Personal Well Being for Work-Life Edge

  • Developing your voice projection for motivation, presentation and media. 

  • 1-1 coaching for Leadership speech and voice delivery

  • High Impact Business Writing



  • Managerial Effectiveness & Skills Coaching

  • Executive Performance Coaching

  • Effective Networking Coaching

  • Be Positive Mindset

  • Leaders & Management Mindset

  • Effective Team Mindset

  • Trainers/ Facilitators Mindset

  • Embrace Change Mindset

  • Adapt Cross Culture Mindset

  • Adept Generational Mindset

  • Engage Employees Mindset

  • Successful Sales Mindset

  • Build Resilience Mindset

  • Innovator Mindset (Design Thinking)