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Our Assurance:

Our facilitators and instructors are experienced practitioners and industry subject matter experts with engaging personalities, with a proven track record of supporting organisations, global leaders, executives and business owners in Singapore, China and Saudi.





  • Sustainability In a Nutshell: an overview to get you started

  • Risk and opportunities: guide on how to perform your own analysis on your business

  • Introduction to Sustainability Reporting 

  • Sustainability Leadership: what it means and how it differs from traditional leadership models

  • Change agents: what it takes to be one

  • Reputation Management: how to avoid green washing



  • Brand Strategy: steps by step approach towards creating your own Brand

  • Brand Naming: workshop on how to find that ideal name

  • Brand Discover: a look at the SWOT of your brand and what steps to take

  • Brand Identity: principles of designing your logo and visual identity

  • Brand Manager Training: how to lead your brand to greater success. 

  • Personal Branding: how to create your own brand



  • Effective 21st Century People Skills & Behavioral Mastery

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Expanding & Mastering Personal/Team Emotional Intelligence 

  • Developing Strategic Thinking Patterns

  • Improving Mind Health & Personal Well Being for Work-Life Edge

  • Developing your voice projection for motivation, presentation and media. 

  • 1-1 coaching for Leadership speech and voice delivery

  • High Impact Business Writing



  • Managerial Effectiveness & Skills Coaching

  • Executive Performance Coaching

  • Effective Networking Coaching

  • Be Positive Mindset

  • Leaders & Management Mindset

  • Effective Team Mindset

  • Trainers/ Facilitators Mindset

  • Embrace Change Mindset

  • Adapt Cross Culture Mindset

  • Adept Generational Mindset

  • Engage Employees Mindset

  • Successful Sales Mindset

  • Build Resilience Mindset

  • Innovator Mindset (Design Thinking)