2 friends  - Tan Bee Lay and Lu-Ann Ong - with passion, dedication and focus named their firm after their birth dates "19" and "20". In 2007, 1920 was established as a boutique consultancy with an all Principals team.


We disrupted traditional management consultancy firms models by focusing on inclusion, collaboration and resource sustainability.  To include and collaborate with enterprises of all sizes in our client portfolio; to staff our firm with all owners/ principals in order to mitigate high staff attrition often resulting in project disrupt

Impactful, insightful and consulting interventions, balanced with a non overcharging and ethical approach sets us apart.



Our Award of Best Boutique Business Consultancy (Singapore Business Award) in 2018 is testament to our value and relevance to Businesses.

Leveraging  upon our team capabilities and competencies, we expanded to include well-designed coaching and leadership interventions, enabling and empowering change of mindsets towards increasing individual and organisational performance.

Our Academy "Performance Consultants 1920" was set up to support leadership, executive and team coaching in Singapore and Saudi.


We rebranded and renamed o incorporate Consulting (Independent Consultants1920 LLP) and Coaching  (Performance Consultants 1920 LLP) under a single entity 1920 Incorporate LLP.


In a competitive market we set clarity on what sets us apart:

- all Principals team 

- niche specialisation

- impactful insights

- non overcharging

- industry recognition and certification

We consistently deliver with our uninterrupted track record and culture of innovation and flexibility.

Managing Partner

Lu-Ann ONG


Often the Joker in the Pack, I approach business challenges and situations in an unexpected way with unique insights that results in more positive and sustainable outcomes for my clients. 


Lu-Ann personally leads all our projects with our principals and specialists from a carefully selected and experienced group of associates.


Prior to this role, Lu-Ann enjoyed a career spanning more than a decade in Asia, UK and USA with experiences at the helm of organisational strategic development, brand, marketing, new market entry and growth.

She carries these experiences into each consulting and coaching project:

  • Entrepreneurial, stewardship and leadership track record

  • Extensive management consulting experience supporting and advising leaders, business owners and senior executives.

  • Expertise in Strategy, Business Sustainability, Brand and Reputation Management, Marketing Communications and Business Model Transformation.

  • 100% track record in supporting Singapore government grants to enteprises

  • Independent advisor to leading global management consulting firms on Business Sustainability and Brand issues

  • Insights as member of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Network.

  • Thought leadership published in business journals, Hong Kong University Press, media.

  • Skills as speaker and moderator to Sustainability, Brand and Marketing business events.

  • Passionate, highly-charged, energetic and power-packed discussions.

  • Mastery of English and Chinese language. 

  • Select pro bono consulting work at select social enterprises.

  • Certification as only a handful of Senior Practicing Management Consultants from the Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC) in Singapore.

Lu-Ann is an alumnae of the University of Cambridge (CILS), Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore.


TAN Bee Lay 


Over the last 25 years, Bee Lay has established herself as an outstanding consultant in the region, working with clients in sustainability management and overseeing numerous multi-disciplinary projects ranging in their scales and scopes.  As Director and Principal Consultant, she has supported clients with her expertise in corporate and sustainability strategies, sustainability policies & procedures as well as stakeholder engagement.  

She is the founder of SYR Solutions (SYRS), a firm dedicated to advancing the sustainability journey of businesses. 


Bee Lay is one of a handful of senior Practicing Management Consultants certified by the Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC) in Singapore, and is also a certified member of the following:


  • Sustainability Management Association

  • Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS)

  • Sustainability Reporting Assuror (CSRA)

  • International Society of Sustainability Professionals

  • PMP (Project Management Institute) practitioner


She is an alumnae of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (USA), University of Brighton (UK) and the National University of Singapore.

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